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Hardcover: 63 pages
Publisher: DNP
Language: Japanese English
ISBN-10: 4887523904
ISBN-13: 978-4887523906
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Release Date: 2015
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Editing and design: helmut schmid nicole schmid

コンディション: 非常に良い(表面に非常に微細なスレがありますが非常に良いコンディションです)


Dream of clarity shows the development of branding in the Netherlands between 1960 and 1975. During this period grew house styles from a marginal phenomenon to an indispensable element in the presentation of companies and institutions. Many famous house styles were designed by the design firms Total Design and Tel Design, pioneers in this field in the Netherlands, with the main representatives respectively, Wim Crouwel and Gert Dumbar. They claimed a form of house styles design well and they contributed to the common good. At the same time saw particularly Total Design branding as a form of visual efficiency, thus in line with the prevailing modernist design ideas and the belief in progress in the sixties. During the seventies, companies saw polygraphic primarily as a way to improve their image. It is also active in the Netherlands English design firm Allied International Designers were here already aware of and benefited from this. In this richly illustrated book will be examined in the case studies as KLM (1963), PAM (1965), AH (1966), NS (1968), DSM (1969) and PTT (1981) how the development was of some notable branding and design agencies in the Netherlands. It is paid attention to decision-making processes within companies and ideas of designers.

1960-1975年の間にオランダではWim CrouwelのTotal Design, Gert DumbarのTel Design、彼らが描いたオランダとしてのCIのアイデンティティをまとめたものです。全編オランダ語となりますが、本のデザインはPiet Gerardsのよるもので、掲載されているイメージだけでなく美しいレイアウトとタイポグラフィから学べるものがたくさん詰まっています。

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