idea 323 : Wim Crouwel

Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: Seibundo Shinkosha
Language: Japanese / English
Product Dimensions: 29.4 x 22.4 x 1.4 cm
Release Date: 2007
Price: sold

with Special Supplement (reprint): Wim Crouwel “New Alphabet” [1967]

Special Feature: Wim Crouewel’s adventures into the experimental worldsIntroduction / Poster / Book design / Stamp, Logotype, Typeface / New Alphabet / “The WC Alphabets” Text by Sergio Polano, with William Bottin / “Type Design for the Computer Age” Text by Wim Crouwel / “Typography: A Technique of Making a Text ‘Legible’ ” Text by Wim Crouwel /Comments on Wim Crouwel

idea 323 : Wim Crouwel

Special Feature: Wim Crouwel’s adventures into the experimental worlds
Wim Crouwel (born 1928) is of the most influential dutch designers in the 20th century. His typographic designs, envisioned through his unique combination of functionalism and aesthetics, have been influential on designers of younger generations.This issue of Idea specially devoted its 190 pages to Wim Crouwel’s representative design works, including posters, book designs, logotypes, stamps, typefaces and others. His legendary New Alphabet is also introduced with full details. Two historical essay’s by Crouwel and comments from imporatant design figures are also featured.
[CONTENTS]Introduction [Japanese Only] Works of Wim Crouwel:Poster, Book design, Stamp, Logotype, Typeface, New Alphabet
The WC Alphabets
Text by Sergio Polano, with William Bottin
Type Design for the Computer Age
[1970]Typography: A Technique of Making a Text ‘Legible’
[1977]Text by Wim Crouwel
Comments on Wim Crouwel
Karel Martens, Hamish Muir, Helmut Schmid, Lars Müller, Wolfgang Weingart, Shigeru Watano, Ian Anderson, Experimental Jetset, David Quay, Tony Brook, Bibliotheque, Bryan Edmondson, Michael C. Place

特集:ウィム・クロウエルの実験イントロダクション/ポスター/ブックデザイン/切手,ロゴタイプ,タイプフェイス/ニューアルファベット/WCアルファベット 文:セルジオ・ポラノ,ウィリアム・ボッティン/コンピュータ時代のタイプデザイン 文:ウィム・クロウエル/タイポグラフィ:テキストを「可読」にする技術 文:ウィム・クロウエル/ウィム・クロウエルについてのコメント
【綴じこみ】復刻収録 ニューアルファベット見本帳
【ウィム・クロウエルについてのコメント】寄稿:カレル・マルテンス,ハミッシュ・ムーア, ヘルムート・シュミット,ラース・ミュラー,ウォルフガング・ワインガルト,綿野茂, イアン・アンダーソン,エクスペリメンタル・ジェットセット,ディヴィッド・クエイ,トニー・ブルック,ビブリオテーク,ブライアン・エドモンドソン, マイケル・C・プレイス

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