idea liquid 2 Abstract Expression Today David Carson

Paperback: 116 pages
Publisher: Seibundoshinkosha
Language: Japanese English
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Product Dimensions: 29.6 x 22.4 cm
Release Date: 2001
Price: $60 USD
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“IDEA Liquid” is a compilation of selected articles which once appeared in IDEA but not available any more although there are many calls for them. In short, You can say that “IDEA Liquid” is like a best omnibus volume.
All the pages were direct offprint of original articles so that there are inevitable repetition and disorder in page numbers. Please note that they are not errors.
We would like to ask your kind understanding about this point.

“Abstract Expression Today”-feature article
Planning + Edit by IDEA Ed.
[from No.269/1998]

David Carson
“moving on”
Editorial Director: Teiji Fujii
[from No.271/1998]

EXIT Metal Work Supply
Interview with Kaoru Shimizu +
Takao Katsuta [EXIT] [from No.273/1999]

“Dressed Down Design”
-feature article
Planning + Edit by IDEA Ed.
Round Table Discussion: Noi Sawaragi, Noriyuki Tanaka and Ichiro Higashiizumi
[from No.253/1995]

Aboud Sodano
London Design Unit Art Directing
Global Image Visuals [from No.269/1998]

Tamotsu Yagi
Text + Coordination: Hisaka Kojima [from No.247/1994] Ichiro Higashiizumi
Text: IDEA Ed.
[from No.257/1996]

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