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Today, we enjoy designing posters by our own hands without benefiting from computers, and also challenge to spread them out beyond any limits of design.

Great graphic designers have already fully considered almost every element and structure of visual communications.
Our predecessors have left us not only their works, but also the legacies which convey the results of their design verifications and teach us how to approach designs and the attitudes that we should have in facing designs, however, many modern designers have been dominated by an extremely convenient design tool, computer, and stopped their thoughts and become passive toward designing.
Being a designer, as a profession is very difficult and also academic.
Some designers would lose their confidences in the evaluations of their own designs if users are always passive and accept any designs.

What is a design? This is the question that we need to ask ourselves once again in order to understand the need of the design in this era.
Objects on the posters can be substituted also be moved without restriction to the number of times the magnet is made ​​of. A1 size white paper contains the iron at a glance.
If people enjoy and feel familiar to designs even without computers, they would think of learning more about the designs.
Let’s spread the world of design from everyday life.

spread design

square elements in this project are strongly inspired by Anton Stankowski.

concept and design by studio spread

for more interest





spread design

正方形のエレメントと構成は偉大な造形者であるAnton Stankowskiの作品からの強い影響より選定しています。

concept and design by studio spread


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