idea 237 : Siegfried Odermatt & Rosmarie Tissi

Paperback: 224 pages
Publisher: Seibundo Shinkosha
Language: Japanese English
Product Dimensions: 29.4 x 22.4 x 0.5 cm
Release Date: 1993
Price: $60 USD (¥6,600 JPY)
Free Worldwide Shipment from Tokyo
Condition: good (Pre-owned)
a slight crease in the corner of the top right corner of the front cover, also some faint stains

Cover Design: Rosmarie Tissi

コンディション: 良い (カバー右上にうっすらとした折れあとやよごれ、スレは感じられますが年代を考慮すると良い状態です)


The World Masters: 18 Siegfried Odermatt & Rosmarie Tissi
Illustrator, Tim Bower
French 100 Posters in Saint Petersbourg Christophe Zagrodzki
Jan Sawka’s Banner Art
Slovak Graphic Designer, Dusan Junek Jan Rajlich
Neon Sign Design by Susumu Endo
Art Director, Designer, Marciso (Pena) Carvalho
Art Directors Exhibition 2, Masuteru Aoba / Katsumi Asaba / Keisuke Nagatomo Nobumitsu Ohseko
The Performances “Tanaka, Mason, Kostabi” Seiichi Tanaka
Photographer, Torkil Gudnason
Poster Auction in Holland
Design Studio, Integral Concept “design: Ruedi Baur, Pippo Lionni” Show Aristide Signolet
Kobe International Fashion Photo Festival ’92, New Expression of Feelings in Fashion Photography Shuhei Takahashi
Contemporary Western Tattoos Hisaka Kojima
Illustrations by Nobuaki Watase Takeo Yao
’92 The Art Directors Club, Hall of Fame Mary Edwards, Shinichiro Tora
Billy Copley, who Alchemizes Cartoons into Art Shoichiro Higuchi
Book Review, News & Information, Exhibitions, Addresses of Contributors

Rosmarie Tissi
Born in 1937 in Schaffhausen. Now lives in Zürich. After a preliminary course at the School of Design in Zürich. she completed a 4 year graphic design apprenticeship. She has been a member of the AGI since 1974 and of the N.Y.ADC since 1992. Since 1968, she shared a studio with Siegfried Odermatt. They work in a big room divided by partitions, without assistants and machinery.


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