Best Dutch Book Designs 2016

Paperback: 444 pages
Publisher: CPNB
Language: English Dutch
ISBN-10: 9059654439
ISBN-13: 978-9059654433
Product Dimensions: 27.5 x 22.1 x 2.7 cm
Release Date: 2017
Price: $50 USD (¥5,000 JPY)
Free Worldwide Shipment from Tokyo
Condition: very good (pre-owned copy)

Design: Beukers Scholma, Haarlem

コンディション: 新品 (シールド状態の新品)


Thirty-three winners were chosen in this year’s selection of the best book designs coming out of the Netherlands. Each was picked by the five-person jury based on its own merits, and no rankings were given in the selection process or final presentation in this catalogue. For this reason the catalogue appears in 33 versions, each winner having its own section with an image of its cover on the first page. Moreover, the individual sections were all printed by different printers, to show respect for their involvement in a process that led to what can be considered the epitome of this year’s book production in the Netherlands. In short, an egalitarian, stylish, and truly exceptional book.

本書は毎年選出されるオランダのブックデザインアワードであるBest Dutch Book Designsの受賞作品をまとめたものです。

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