the appearance of light: Mitsuo Katsui

Paperback: 63 pages
Publisher: Ikeda Museum of Art in 20th Century
Language: Japanese English
Product Dimensions: 30 x 23 cm
Release Date: 2008

Mitsuo Katsui
Born in Tokyo 1931. He graduated from the Tokyo University of Education in 1955. He has worked in all fields of graphic design, including providing the art direction for the Osaka International Expo in 1970. Okinawa Ocean Expo in 1975 and the Tsukuba Science Expo in 1985. His work strives to open a new realm of communication through the modes of expression that technology provides.
He is participating in the selection program as one of the members of the Tokyo Olympic Games and the Paralympic Games’ Emblem Committee to be held in 2020.
via AGI


限界にいどむ視覚の宇宙 永井一正
光がアフォードするもの 杉田敦
あとがき 私の光語法履歴 勝井三雄

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