IDEA NO.77 : Graphicteam

Paperback: 124 pages
Publisher: Seibundo Shinkosha
Language: Japanese English
Product Dimensions: 29.7 x 21 x 0.5 cm
Release Date: 1966
Price: ¥3,000
Condition: acceptable (Pre-owned)

cover design: Graphicteam

Graphicteam Hiroshi Ohchi
Illustrator Clif Condak Akiko Hyuga
Illustrator Douglas Gorsline
Illustrator Al Hirschfeld
Illustrator Jerome Martin
On Herb Lubalin Tadahisa Nishio
Individualism squelchers Herb Lubalin
Fifteen Award Winning Type Face Design
German Trade Fairs and Exhibitions Rene Elvin
British Poster Design Awards 1964/65
Graduation Work of Graphic Art Students for 1965
Young American Designers in Tokyo

Established in 1964, in Köln. The four founders of this company, Hans Buschfert, Siegfried Himmer, Binfried Holz, Hainz Rippert, were born in the late period of 1930’s, and originally designer or photographer in Bayer AG. They worked in the field of commercial art, photography, design and publicity campaign as well.


Condition: 可(1966年のものなので写真のとおり経年によるダメージ、水濡れが端に見られるページもあります。)



Graphic designers who grew up after the War were obliged to watch the clients‘ dependence on foreign designers with impotent envy. Some of Them were satisfied with the rise of Their design fee influenced by the large sum of money paid To foreign designers.

Though the age was unfavorable to them, young men who received professional education as designers at the end of and after the War were puffing forth new shoots. A design firm, ” Novum “, organized by fen young designers began to develop activities in graphic design which masters in pre-war days could not expect to have.

Their expression was entirely free. They greedily accepted oil The new irends in design, digested them, and created a feature of German graphic design.

Today, introducing Graphicteam six years after we presented the activities of Novum in the 42nd issue of “Idea” in 1960, I can sense a new development in the transition of these six years.
The team consists of five designers. They formed the team when they were of Bayer Leverkusen.

Their purpose was To give fresh incentives to the Buyer studio, cultivate new fields, and find new possibilities of creation.
Four years later, it became a really independent organization, but Bayer has been continuing its activities in design as the most important client.

There is some limitation in the feature of designs by members as individuals. They are allowed half year’s leave when they work for five years in order to pursue their own personal and free creation.
Graphicteam secures the co-operation of other talents in special fields such as photographers, illustrators, and so on, positively.

Though organizations like Graphicteam are few in today’s Germany, such collaboration will be needed more and more and there is a fair chance for the increase of the number of such organization.
New German graphic art is being characterized by These young men.

by Hiroshi Ohchi






このチームは5人のデザイナーによって組織され、この5人はBayer Leverkusenの勤務中にチームを結成した。そしてチームを編成した目的はBayerのスタジオに新鮮な刺激を与え、新しい分野の開拓と新しい創造の可能性を発見することであった。





大智 浩

アイデア 7月号/1966 本文より

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