Film Design: Peter Von Arx

Hardcover: 291 pages
Publisher: P.Haupt
Language: German, English
ISBN-10: 3258031991
ISBN-13: 978-3258031996
Release Date: 1983
Product Dimensions: 30 x 23.6 x 2.6 cm
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Armin Hofmann

Little attempt has been made to provide a clear explanation of the fundamentals of motion pictures. This neglect of basic theory and technique applies particularly to the realm of education.
Experienced professionals tend to ignore the problems of film instruction. Consequently, the existing literature that does seriously examine the aims, methods and materials of film instruction is insignificant and unimportant. It seems that this field is so complex, consisting of so many interwoven processes, that any thought of dealing with film fundamentals has been rejected as too overwhelming. And teaching these basics is becoming even more difficult, primarily because of the advances in film technology and the growing number of materials and processes available. If, in the past, serious doubts have been expressed as to whether it is indeed possible to provide instruction to master a creative process, now it is almost certain one will not acquire an understanding of film in a course of instruction. The difficulty of teaching the material frequently means it is simply not taught.

Unfortunately instructors seem to be overly concerned with the possibility of nipping creative talent in the bud by stressing fundamental considerations, conducting methodical investigations, and providing structured procedures. They should be more concerned that film, probably our most important social relations medium, lacks a foundation of skills.

Peter von Arx’s new book tries to remedy this educational deficiency. At a time when almost every prominent school of design is trying, regardless of financial considerations, to determine if and _how film education can be incorporated into a course of study, von Arx latches on to some fundamental ideas and paves the way to solving the problems of film education.

Peter von Arx
Residing in Basel, Switzerland Education:
Graphic Arts-Lithography 1973-1957, Undergraduate program in graphic design Basel 1957-1962, Independent studies in film.
AGS Basel School of Design: instructor for lithography, offset printing, letterform design, color 1962-1970. Subsequent director of the program for film and TV-graphics, 1968 initial trials at a program for film design education, 1975 establishment of the graduate program for animation and film graphics.
Professional Graphic Design: Freelance designer since 1962, receipt of numerous awards and competition prizes in poster design, Swiss Federal Awards for Applied. Art first prize 1967, 1968, 1970. Conception and production of the exhibition “15 Young Graphic Designers” 1967/ 1968 (Switzerland, USA, Germany).
1964/1965 applied animated films, subsequent experimental short subjects: “Lego”, “AHAHA”, “Titel”, “Fraktur”, “Links-Rechts”, “Marsch”, “Selbstportrait”. Six instructional films on film education “Film and Design”, Solothurn Film Festivals 1973-1983.
Lectures, Seminars:
1966 Werkkunstschule Hamburg, 1974 Philadelphia College of Art, Yale University, Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati, New York State University, Rhode Island School of Design, Southeastern Massachusetts University, 1976 ATYPI Congress Basel, Akademie der bildenden Künste Munich, 1977 Kunstmuseum Basel, K unstgewerbeschule Zurich, 1982 seminar Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana Mexico-City. Publications: Special supplement on film education in “TM Communication” 1972, Contributor to “TM” concerning the graduate program in animated film 1975, curriculum prospectus “Animation Film Education” 1977, feature article on the theme of film education in Switzerland in “Ciné-Bulletin” “Structural Film in Design Education” 1978.

Peter Von Arx(1937-)はバーゼルAGSでアーミン・ホフマン、エミル・ルーダーらの元でグラフィックデザインとタイポグラフィを学び、タイプ設計も自身のスタジオで研究し、


Peter Von Arxのグラフィック作品はアーミン・ホフマンの作品と混同されていて、あまり知られていないこともありますがこちらでいくつか確認することがきます。

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