Sandberg, Vormgever Van Het Stedelijk

Paperback: 192 pages
Publisher: 010 Uitgeverij
Language: Dutch
ISBN-10: –
ISBN-13: 978-9064504631
Product Dimensions: 30.6 x 21.8 x 3 cm
Release Date: 2003
Price: $120 USD (¥13,200 JPY)
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Condition: good (pre-owned)
slight crease at the bottom of the spine,
quoted some photos of the English version, but this is the Dutch version

Design: Jan van Toorn

コンディション: 良い(オランダ語バージョン、カバーに微細なつぶれありますが良好です)


W.J.H.B. Sandberg (1897-1984) was a highly individual graphic designer as well as director of the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, which after the Second World War he elevated to a leader among museums of modern art. This book gives a kaleidoscopic picture of Sandberg as the designer of almost all the Stedelijk’s posters, catalogues and other printed matter and also shows the decisive influence he had on the modernizing of the museum building. The war years 1940-45 brought a turning-point in Sandberg’s life. During the German occupation he took an active part in the artists’ resistance movement, where he became convinced of the stimulating and provocative role artists could play in society. After the war, with few means at his disposal but with a great sense of purpose, he set about transforming the Stedelijk into a meeting ground where the public could become acquainted with a wealth of contemporary art and design in an informal setting. He gave the old-fashioned building a bright, airy interior and added a transparent new wing. He also provided a generally accessible library at the core of the museum together with a restaurant and terrace. The atmosphere pervading Sandberg’s Stedelijk could be attributed to his zestful personality, his talents as a designer and his tireless efforts on behalf of artists and art, driven by a firm social commitment. The author and compiler of this book (born in 1931) spent many years working at the Stedelijk Museum and was a friend of Sandberg.
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Stedelijk Museum (アムステルダム市立近代美術館)のディレクターとして名を残したデザイナーであるW.J.H.B.Sandbergは、第二次世界大戦後の近代美術館界を牽引しました。

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