Garten Menschen Spiele

Hardcover: 268 pages
Publisher: Pharos Verlag Basel
Language: German
ISBN-10: –
ISBN-13: –
Product Dimensions: 26.3 x 25.3 x 1.5 cm
Release Date: 1960
Price: sold

Design: Emil Ruder, Armin Hofmann
Photo: Paul and Esther Merkle
Text: Adolf Portmann Richard Arioli

Emil Ruder introduced spared pages from this book in his design manual Typographie on page 226.

‘A book containing pictures and text based on a grid pattern of nine squares. The pattern is the means of establishing a formal unity between the different amounts of text and different sizes of shapes of pictures.
The pattern should not be conspicious in the final result but rather be concealed by the diversity of pictorial subjects and typographic values.’
text from idea 333

Emil Ruderはこの本の見開きを自著 Typographie の226ページで紹介し、次のようにコメントしている。

idea 333 より引用

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