Geigy heute 1958

Hardcover: 288 pages
Publisher: Birkhauser ag
Language: German
ISBN-10: –
ISBN-13: –
Product Dimensions: 25 x 23 x 2.2 cm
Release Date: 1958
Price: sold

Author: Markus Kutter
Design: Karl Gerstner

in basel, swiss typography is closely linked to the local chemical industries. in 1958 the geigy company (today: novartis) celebrated its 200-year anniversary with a two-volume publication designed by karl gerstner (*1930) and (partly) written by markus kutter (*1925) – a “dream team” that later founded ggk, a successful advertising agency.

karl gerstner used his trademark square format with brownish card wrappers and a white spine – very similar to the books in stories 16 and 37). each volume has its own slipcase.

akzidenz-grotesk type, …

… asymmetric page layout, …

… grid-based image placement …

… classic swiss typography!

typical for gerstner’s style: some titles begin with lower-case, texts are set flush left, ragged right, …

… and some sections have pages in different colours.
the text originated from

こちらは1958年にガイギー社の200周年を記念して出版された2冊セットの図録や歴史を綴ったものです。著者はMarkus Kutter、デザインはKarl Gerstnerによるもので、のちにggkを立ち上げる二人による伝説となった名著です。

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