SPREAD is the bookshelf for typography and graphic design to share with people worldwide. SPREAD has two concepts on this web site, the first is that the well-chosen book store and next, the design book library which is managed by great designer in order that more visitor can get to know about design on a deeper level than that of the mere book web site. Our selected books at library means that for example, books were end of sale and also books were rarely offered in markets for various reasons. Especially, SPREAD mainly focus on the page-spread that there is a tendency among a high standing front cover to be unnoticeable on the page-spread in a lot of cases. In addition to that, SPREAD is aiming to improve the environment that to be able to criticize the design as not fitting with in a logical evaluation axis. The page-spread of sophisticated books are defined as the following:

Format / Extent / Typography / Materials(paper, binding) / Reproduction / Printing / Finishing

And SPREAD would certainly not want to turn the digital publishing clock back, the books can not be complemented by digital and that is felt by human eye and human hands. SPREAD strongly recommends that the book on the SPREAD must take in your hands.

Finally, we pay highest respect to all great ancient typographers and graphic designers as creating SPREAD.

Thanks, page-spread.com




Format / Extent / Typography / Materials(paper, binding) / Reproduction / Printing / Finishing




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