the road to basel

Hardcover: 94 pages
Author: Helmut Schmid
Publisher: Robundo
Language: German English Japanese
ISBN-10: 4947613424
ISBN-13: 978-4947613424
Product Dimensions: 25.8 x 24.8 x 1.6 cm
Release Date: 1997
Price: sold

design and author: helmut schmid

the road to Basel, typographic reflections, attempts to document this creative period of modern typography. Students of Emil Ruder, now internationally active designers and teachers, reminisce, show their own work from the Basel period and compare it to works which influenced them.

Emil Ruder’s typography lives because it rejuvenates with each new task, because it evolves through thoughtful refinement.
This is demonstrated by his influential book Typographie, by his pure Works, his posters and his books. it is equally demonstrated by his students’ articles and works in this publication.
‘There must be no letting up in the determination to produce vital work reflecting the spirit of the times; doubt and perturbation are
good antidotes against the tendency to follow the line of least resistance.’

Emil Ruder will remain an inspiration and guiding force, especially in this day and age of typographic confusion.

Helmut Schmid

バーゼルへの道 – タイポグラフィックリフレクションはモダンタイポグラフィのこの創造に満ちた時代を記憶にとどめておこうとするものである。今日デザイナーあるいは教育者として国際的に活躍しているルーダーの教え子たちが、各々思い出を語り、バーゼル時代の自作を示し、あわせて影響を受けた作品をあげている。








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