graphic design Basel School of Arts and Crafts Nr.6

Paperback: 77 pages
Publisher: Pharos Verlag Basel
Language: English German French
ISBN-10: –
ISBN-13: –
Product Dimensions: 21 x 12.2 x 0.5 cm
Release Date: 1967
Price: sold

Book design: Kurt Hauert

The course of training for graphic designers at the Basel School of Arts and Crafts lasts five years, the first year being a preliminary followed by four years of professional training.
The preliminary course afford a basic artistic training with particular emphasis on three special creative fields: drawing, handling colors, and spatial thinking. This tuition is intended to provide the fundamental knowledge needed in those professions in which surface, solids and space are given shape and design. The student familiarizes himself with the rudiments: instruments such as pencils, and blushes which make marks; dimensions such as length, breadth and depth which create size; the rules of division; and ways and means of combining several elements according to the laws of composition. Often he has to be taken take back to his preschool days; he has to shed faulty habits and get to know from the inside what it means to do original work with the basic materials of his crafts.

エミル・ルーダー、アーミン・ホフマンらが教鞭をとっていた時代のバーゼル デザインスクールの基礎教育課程の内容を紹介したものです。デッサンから透視図、色、ペンや筆などのマテリアル感覚や空間,
フリーハンドのレタリング等の課題説明と学生の課題が収録しています。これらの1年間の基礎教育過程を経て、4年間にわる専門過程に入ります。英語、ドイツ語、フランス語のマルチリンガルとなっていて英文も非常にわかりやすく、この教育過程を経て、Helmut Schmid, Wolfgang Weingart, Hans Rudolf Lutzたちが偉大な功績を残しています。

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