Levi Van Veluw – Origin Of The Beginning

Hardcover: 174 pages
Publisher: d’Jonge Hond
Language: English Dutch
ISBN-10: 9491525123
ISBN-13: 978-9491525124
Product Dimensions: 32.6 x 24.4 x 2
Release Date: 2013
Price: sold

Book design: Michaël Snitker


The book Origin of the Beginning offers a survey of all the photographs, drawings, installations, sculptures and videos produced by Levi van Veluw from 2006 to 2013. This extraordinary book is an artwork in itself. Besides beautiful artwork reproductions, the publication contains a special handmade wooden block, which has been placed inside a cut-out square hole that perforates the book. Visible from the front cover through the whole publication, this wooden element refers to a number of Van Veluw’s art works and can be considered an essential foundation on which his work is built.

The series of works entitled Origin of the Beginning comprises photographs, drawings, installations, sculptures and videos in which the artist draws on memories from his own childhood to develop his own thematic and narrative brand of self-portraiture. These neatly structured works refer to his obsessive attempts to gain control of his life. The daily struggle to regulate this chaos is the central theme of this series and is also Van Veluw’s reality.

Michaël Snitker is a Amsterdam-based graphic designer. After his education in The Hague he lived and worked for several years in Rotterdam and New York and then moved on to Amsterdam to start his own studio. He works mainly for clients originating from the cultural sector. In addition, he initiates, realizes and designs special publications in collaboration with publishers, architects, visual artists and writers.

Besides his activities as a designer he teaches regularly at the Academy of Architecture in Amsterdam and the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague.

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