COMME des GARÇONS 2018 Holiday DM DAU 23

paperback: 22 pages
Product Dimensions: 24.5 × 30 cm
Release Date: 2018
Price: $40 USD (¥4,400 JPY)
Free Worldwide Shipment from Tokyo
Condition: very good

COMME des GARÇONS 2018 Holiday DM DAU 23

コンディション: 良い(目立ったダメージなく良好です。)


DAU is an immense cinematic endeavour, a vertiginous perspective on human nature, a logic-defying collaboration between polar opposites. DAU is a labyrinth, a time machine, an enigma. Inspired by the golden age of Soviet science, DAU follows the utopian quest of a group of Nobel Prize winning physicists which ultimately leads to one of the darkest periods in human history and the possibility of nuclear annihilation. Freed from the protocols of acting, scripts and temporal logic, the unprecedented conditions in which DAU was filmed have resulted in a new kind of reality – equally valid, vivid, complex. Activated by some of the great cultural, political, scientific and mystical figures of our time, DAU proposes an epic landscape of human behaviour in its full spectrum of beauty and horror. The secrets of DAU are soon to reveal themselves.

392,000 auditions; 40,000 costumes; a 120,000 square foot set; 400 participants; a 4 year shoot; 10,000 extras; 700 hours of 35 mm film; 8,000 hours of recorded dialogue; 37,000,000 words transcribed; 500,000 unit stills…

Marina Abramovic – internationally acclaimed pioneer of long durational performance; Theodor Curentzis – classical music superstar conductor; Prof David Gross – Nobel Prize winner and world’s leading theoretical physicist; Brian Eno – iconic musical polymath; Peter Sellars – renowned American theatreproducer; Rabbi Adin Steinsaltz – eminent philosopher, social critic, spiritual mentor; Robert del Naja, Massive Attack supremo and subversive alter ego; Carlo Rovelli – physicist, founder of quantum loop gravity theory and bestselling author; Guillérmo Arévalo Valera – Peruvian shaman and giant in traditional plant medicine research, and many more …

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