Wim Crouwel: Mode en module

Paperback: 430 pages
Publisher: 010 Uitgeverij
Language: Dutch
ISBN-10: 9064503109
ISBN-13: 978-9064503108
Release Date: 1997
Product Dimensions: 23 x 17.7 x 2.7 cm
Price: sold

Edition: 2500

Book design: Karel Martens
Author: Frederike Huygen, Hugues C. Boekraad

‘Wim Crouwel: mode en module’: a review
Hyphen Press

The project of the book and its methods
Wim Crouwel: mode en module attempts something new: to document and discuss at length and with full historical and critical consciousness the work of a living graphic designer. Even dead and safely ‘in-the-past’ graphic designers have not yet received this treatment. By comparison with the present book, other monographs are slight affairs or, where less than slight, tend to be overblown and uncritical. On a first encounter with it, the Crouwel book certainly gives an air of thoroughness: a solid squat paperback, weighing 1250 gm, pages packed with text and many photographs, a seemingly exhaustive illustrated catalogue of work that extends to almost 200 pages, a lengthy ‘biographical overview’, full bibliography, two indexes. The design of the pages tends to agoraphobia, with very narrow margins and column widths, and notes to both pages on a spread placed in the far left column of the left page. But the book’s marvellously strong and flexible binding lets this work: pages can open out flat, providing a single field of information.
via hyphen press

本書はオランダのグラフィックデザイナーであるWim Crouwelをほぼ完璧に描き出し、多くのエッセイや解説つきの作品集です。
本のデザインはKarel Martensデザインによるものでコンテンツだけでなく本そのものが非常に高い価値を生み出していて、グラフィックデザインブックの中で世界的に人気があり高い価格での相場となっています。

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