Stadhuis Maastricht Town Hall

Hardcover: 59 pages
Publisher: Maastricht, Stadhuis Maastricht
Language: Dutch English
ISBN-10: –
ISBN-13: –
Product Dimensions: 49 x 24 cm
Release Date:  2003
Price: sold

design by Piet Gerards

the interior of Maastricht City Hall with accompanying text on its history

For twenty years Lavazza has been producing calendars with the exclusive involvement of master photographers who have made history.
Photographers who have contributed to the Lavazza calendar over the years have included Helmut Newton, Ellen Von Unwerth,
Ferdinando Scianna, Elliott Erwitt, David La Chapelle, Annie Leibovitz, Jean-Baptiste Mondino, Finlay MacKay, Miles Aldridge, Mark Seliger and many others.

For the first time collected together in a book, these photographs are a depiction of seduction and taste, of beauty and pleasure.

The vast majority of people are to glorify the Graphic design and typography of the past and forget the challenge. Not familiar with the past, they does not even know now what should convey and how should to be shown. From this book, we can feel the challenge of the book designer. Activity also extends to his 20 years, Lavazza has succeeded in conveying the history of the cultural contribution to the world wide. We have high regard for the onlab had the book design to responds to great photographers, illustrators and editors.


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