Quadrat-Prints Cijfer

187 slips
Publisher: Steendrukkerij De Jong
Language: Dutch English French
Product Dimensions: 25 x 25 cm
Release Date: 1971
Price: $140 USD (¥14,000 JPY)
Free Worldwide Shipment from Tokyo
Condition: good (pre-owned)

Edition: 2,000

コンディション: 良い(レシートに折れなどありますが概ね良好です)


Quadrat-Prints ‘Cijfer'(figure) symbolizes visits to various towns of the world. The cash-register slips were collected by Pieter Brattinga who made up the design. Each box is numbered.

Receipt from around the world are reproduced by de Jong in this small box. It was to prove the high quality printing technology. There are varied sizes paper, and color, ink bleed. These are including such as Japanese department store.

Quadrat Prints were a series of experimental graphic design publication edited by Pieter Brattinga and given away by the Hilversum printer de Jong from the early fifties to the mid-seventies. Each one was ten inches square, mostly several stapled pages but some were loose leaf sheets (this alphabet) in a box or folder.

Pieter Brattingaが世界中から集めたレシートを再現し、レシートのかすれ具合、さまざまな紙のサイズ、色などを忠実に再現することで自社の印刷技術の高さを証明していました。レシートはヨーロッパだけでなくNYの五番街やブロードウェイ、高島屋やアベノ近鉄などの日本の物も含まれています。

『Quadrat-Print/Kwadraat-Blad』はPieter Brattingaが代表を務めるオランダの印刷会社、de Jong社が広報用に制作し実験的な冊子です。各issueは2,000部ほど刷られていて、サイズは10″x10″で綴じてあるものもあれば簡易的に織り込まれているものもあります。

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