Typographic Norms Anthony Froshaug

Paperback: 22 pages
Publisher: Kynoch Press
Language: English
ISBN-10: –
ISBN-13: –
Product Dimensions: 29 x 20.5 cm
Release Date: 1964
Price: $700 USD (¥77,000 JPY)
Free Worldwide Shipment from Tokyo via airmail
Condition: acceptable to good (pre-owned)

Concept and Design: Anthony Froshaug

コンディション: 良い(経年によるヤケと微細な破れ、角につぶれなどがありますが、本体は概ね良好です)


Invisible bound with printed wraps, hole punched on left hand side throughout (as intended), 32pp pull out folded sheets. The book exhibits the work of the Norwegian/English typographic artist. In the introduction, Froshaug describes how the book plays: ‘with the desire to use single-sided coated paper but to avoid alternate coated and non-coated double-page spreads. The text is therefore printed on the coated side only, the sheets being folded as for a Chinese binding.Typographic norms is therefore punched two holes, at the standard distance of 80mm in, so that the binding prove more transient than the sheets, two 1/4 inch binding screws may be inserted through the holes to keep the pages together (alternatively, the punching is adapted to insertion in any standard ring binder). Condition: slight fraying to the spine and edges of the jacket cove, light handling marks on black jacket both verso and recto. Interior, glued wraps have pulled away from the cover.

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