Dick Bruna

Hardcover: 552 pages
Publisher: Waanders
Language: English
ISBN-10: 9040083428
ISBN-13: 978-9040083426
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Release Date: 2007
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Dick Bruna (1927) has become well known as a graphic designer due to his creation of Nijntje, who has conquered the world outside the Netherlands under the name of Miffy. It is much less widely known that he has many other artistic qualities as well. This book shows the many different facets of Dick Bruna’s work as an artist, an illustrator and a designer. Not only Dick Bruna’s qualities as an author of children’s books are discussed, but also his skills as a writer in other fields. Attention is also focused on the development of other media in which he has worked, such as animations and merchandising. The book includes a contribution by the famous Dutch text writer Ivo de Wijs about the making of the successful Nijntje musicals. Other contributions discuss the influence of others on Dick Bruna’s work and the man himself, in the light of biographical details. Of course, his qualities as a graphic designer for the publishing house Uitgeverij Bruna and later for his own studio are also described. From the perspective of their own specific fields of expertise, the different authors all describe Dick Bruna’s many different qualities. It goes without saying that this book is richly illustrated with many well-known and less-well-known illustrations, designs and photographs by Dick Bruna.


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