Beauty And the Book: 60 Years of the Most Beautiful Swiss Books

Paperback: 152 pages
Publisher: Niggli
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3721205405
ISBN-13: 978-3721205404
Product Dimensions: 24.1 x 17.1 x 2.5 cm
Release Date: 2004
Price: $180 USD (¥19,800 JPY)
Free Worldwide Shipment from Tokyo
Condition: good (pre-owned)
small tears on the cover of the book, there is a label on the back, and there are creases on 2-4 pages.

concept and design: Julia Born
font: Akkurat, Akkurat Mono
Laurenz Bruner,

コンディション: 良い(カバーに微細な裂け、バーコードラベル、数えられるほどの数ページに折れ跡がありますが、全体としてみて概ね良好です。写真より判断ください。)


This lovely book is accompanying the exhibition of the same name looking at 60 years of the national award for book design originally initiated by Jan Tschichold in 1944.

The exhibition, presenting a selection of winning books from the competition’s past sixty years, is on show until 20 November 2004 at Schweizerische Landesbibliothek in Bern, and features a number of book designs by Lineto founding member Cornel Windlin.

The publication, beautifully designed by Julia Born, Amsterdam, is showing the Akkurat font family by Laurenz Brunner, and for the first time, beta versions of the italic and monospace versions of Akkurat. The new weights (3 italic cuts and 1 monospace) are scheduled for release on April 15, 2005.
text originated from

1944年のJan Tschicholdに始まり、Emil Ruder, Karl Gerstner, Jost Hochuliから近代までの美しい本が収録され、各本の書体から紙の種類まで細かい情報が掲載されています。

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