ABC study graphic design 8 volumes pack

Hardcover: 8 copies in 1 set
Publisher: ABC Edition
Language: English / German /French
ISBN-10: –
ISBN-13: –
Product Dimensions: 25.7 x 25.1 cm
Release Date: 1975 and 1984
Price: sold
8 copies 1 set



Graphic Design Education
good (pre-owned)

Process Visual
good (pre-owned)
spine is faded, tear on the cover

Design, concept, realisation
good (pre-owned)

Art and Graphics
good (pre-owned)
fine crushes on the corners and light scratches on the dust jacket

Color and Communication
good (pre-owned)
someone’s signature

visual transformation
very good (pre-owned)

form + communication
good (pre-owned)
someone’s signature

Signet Signal Symbol
acceptable (pre-owned)
a large tear and has been repaired

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