Windfall Light: The Visual Language of ECM

Paperback: 448 pages
Publisher: Lars Muller Publishers
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3037781572
ISBN-13: 978-3037781579
Product Dimensions: 25.7 x 18.3 x 3.3 cm
Release Date: 2010
Price: $180 USD (¥19,800 JPY)
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Condition: good (pre-owned)
minor creases on the corners of some pages, but overall it is in good condition.

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コンディション: 良い(いくつかのページ角に微細な折れがありますが全体的に良好です。)


Following the success of “Sleeves of Desire”, a second publication is now being devoted to the cover art of the label ECM, Edition of Contemporary Music, focusing above all on sleeve design from 1996 to the present. Since its founding in 1969, ECM has been dedicated primarily to jazz and contemporary classical music and is a leading international label in both these fields. ECM has also received acclaim for its unique cover designs, which have always been an integral part of its productions. Over the years, the collaboration between Manfred Eicher, the label’s founder and producer, and designers including Barbara Wojirsch, Dieter Rehm and Sascha Kleis has produced an aesthetic of the cover that initiates a dialogue between the photographic image and the music. The search for a cover motif from a storehouse of possible images is presented in a few examples that shed light on how these visual worlds are created and trace their significance for the music. An illustrated catalog of all of ECM’s releases completes this publication.

ヨーロッパのジャズレーベルであるECMのスリーブ集。掲載図版は1,000をゆうに超えます。タイポグラフィと写真から生み出される沈黙とノイズが共存するカバーはまさに芸術的です。前版である『Sleeves of Desire』同様に高い評価の一冊です。

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