The Best Dutch Book Designs 2014

Paperback: 608 pages
Publisher: CPNB
Language: Dutch, English
ISBN-10: 9059652894
ISBN-13: 978-9059652897
Product Dimensions: 12.1 x 5.5 x 17.2 cm
Release Date: 2015
Price: sold

Concept and Design: Haller Brun

However the result is reached, the selection of the Best Dutch Book Designs has for years no longer been simply a question of the finest printing or binding, nor of the best typography. Instead, it is a matter of weighing the relationship with the contents, chosen design, and technical execution. It is important to note how craftsmanship and attention to detail can influence the concept and aim of a book, and the way in which these are perceived. Every aspect of the process (preparation, selection, judging, observations, conclusions, etc.) is exhaustively covered in this small, brick-like volume, including illustrated insights into the more than 30 awarded titles.

もはやThe Best Dutch Book Designsは最高級の印刷や製本、あるいはタイポグラフィの優劣の評価ではなくなりました。 内容や選択されたデザイン、技術的な実行との関係性が評価されます。 職人の技と細部への注意が、本の概念と目標、そしてこれらが認識される方法にどのように影響するかを注意することは重要です。 プロセスのすべての要素(準備、選択、審査、観察、結論など)は、30以上の賞を受賞したタイトルがこの小さな白いレンガのようなボリュームで網羅的にカバーされています。

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