manifesto trentanove poster di A G Fronzoni 1992

Paperback: 16 pages
Publisher: Aiap
Language: Italy
ISBN-10: –
ISBN-13: –
Product Dimensions: 29.7 x 21 cm
Release Date: 1992
Price: $200 USD (¥22,000 JPY)
Free Worldwide Shipment from Tokyo
Condition: good (pre-owned)
minor scratches and stains

Cover design: A G Fronzoni

コンディション: 良い(微細な擦れ等ありますが写真のとおり目立ったダメージなく良い状態です)


poster / thirty-nine posters by AG Fronzoni
Aiap gallery – Via Col di Lana, 12 – Milan
15-31 December 1992

Graphic design of the cover and the poster
AG Fronzoni, (1923-2002).

In the colophon of the catalog:

exhibition and catalog by
Franco Achilli
poster and cover of the catalog edited by
AG Fronzoni
press office and P.R .:
Chiara del Vecchio / Conseil
photocomposition and installations
Photo Life – Milan
Print the catalog and the poster
ATR – Milan

Thanks for the precious collaboration Myrna Cohen
and Elisabetta Presotto (Studio Fronzoni).

From the second cover of the catalog:
AG Fronzoni
He was born in Pistoia on March 5, 1923. He began his activity as a graphic designer in 1945, dealing with publishing and industrial design. In 1947 he founded and directed the magazine “Punta”. In 1965 he is editor and graphic designer of Casabella. In 1966 he collaborated in the restoration of Palazzo Balbi in Genoa and his accommodation as the headquarters of the institute of art history. He works as a designer in the field of graphics and industrial design; realizes (1966) the manifesto for the Lucio Fontanae exhibition, in the same year, the coordinated image for the Venice Biennale. The following year he designed the poster for the Experimental Museum of Turin. Then follow the definition of the cultural image “Art and city of Genoa”, and the arrangement of the contemporary art gallery at the Palazzo Reale in Genoa. realizes the “Forma zero” series of suitcases for Valextra and the “series 64” furniture. In 1980 he obtained the Zanotti Bianco Award for the preparation of the Walser Museum in Alagna Valsesia. He took part in numerous exhibitions and exhibitions in Italy and abroad, winning prizes: he was awarded in Warsaw, Brno, Lipsia, zagreb (Lifetime Achievement 1992). His works have been exhibited or are present in the collections of numerous museums in the world. He has exhibited his works in London, Buenos Aires, Brno and many of them are part of collections of great prestige, such as: Biliothèque National (Paris), Musée cantonal des beaux arts (Lausanne), Deutsches Bucherei (Leipzig), Deutsches Plakat Museum (Essen), Museum (Amsterdam), Museum Narodowe (Warsaw), Moravska galerie (Brno), Stedelijk Museum (Amsterdam), Museum of Modern Art (New York), Royal Ontario Museum (Toronto). He taught at Monza in Italy for over twenty years. He lives and works in Milan, where he continues his teaching activity in the international “bottega” of perfection that he has based in his studio. Articles about his activity have appeared on the most important graphic design and architecture magazines, such as High Quality, Novum, Domus, Casabella, Rassegna and others.

1992年に開催されたミニマルイタリアデザイナーであるA G Fronzoniのポスターエキシビションカタログです。Fronzoniの図録は非常に珍しくポスター作品のほとんどが収録されています。

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