Experiment Design

Hardcover: 179 pages
Publisher: ABC Verlag
Language: English German French
ISBN-10: 3855041008
ISBN-13: 978-3855041008
Product Dimensions: 25.5 x 26 x 1.7 cm
Release Date: 1986
Price: $100 USD (¥11,000 JPY)
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コンディション: 良い(経年をよるシミがありますが良い状態です)


lgildo G. Biesele

Born in Basle, 28 December 1930. Attended preliminary course and full course in Graphics at the Basle School of Design, followed by scholarship for further professional training at the Ecole de Paul Colin, Paris. Three years activity on Marshall Plan projects in Paris. Freelance artist in the graphic studio of the J. R. Geigy company, Basle. 1953-1959: productive participation in the creation of the company’s internationally known house style. Working and study visit to New York, USA, sponsored by the company. Opened own studio in collaboration with his wife, Renate van Oyen, 1960. Application of a clear, functional style to applied graphics. In addition to his wide-ranging studio work, has taught at a number of schools: 1962—1964 Kunstgewerbeschule Biel/Bienne; 1967/68 Visiting Professor for Graphic Design. National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad, India; since 1962 at the Basle School of Design. Since 1972, independent artistic work on image variations of an experimental type. Designed and published a graphic portfolio 1976

タイポグラフィを中心とし、実験的な組版やグラフィックを作品例を用いながら様々な角度から紹介しています。Wim Crouwelが率いたトータルデザインやOdermatt & Tissiの作品も多く3D作品も多く収録しています。

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