ECM Catalogue 2004 + 2009-10

Hardcover: 102 + 132 pages
Publisher: ECM Records
Language: English
ISBN-10: –
ISBN-13: –
Product Dimensions: 21 x 25 cm
Release Date: 2009
Price: $80 USD (¥8,800 JPY)
Free Worldwide Shipment from Tokyo
Condition: good
2copies in 1 set

Catalogue 2004
a gap between the spine and the stack of pages, but it is in good condition.

コンディション: 良い(背とページの束が離れた部分もあいますが良い状態です)


Contains detailed content of all works by ECM and ECM New Series, as well as related labels. The catalog is 132 pages long and is decorated with numerous jacket covers and photographs by Gérald Minkoff and Muriel Olesen. Foreword written by Paul Griffiths.

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