Corporate Diversity: Swiss Graphic Design and Advertising by Geigy, 1940-1970

Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: Lars Muller Verlag
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3037781602
ISBN-13: 978-3037781609
Product Dimensions: 26.7 x 20.1 x 1.8 cm
Release Date: 2009
Price: sold

The design studio of J. R. Geigy AG was the launching pad for one of the great periods of Swiss graphic design, in the 1950s and 1960s. The open-minded corporate culture of the chemical company in Basel combined product and company advertising in an exemplary way. The resulting works reveal a modernist formal idiom without being indebted to a specific, formulaic look. There was room in it for visual symbolism as well as the acquisition of nonrepresentational art, with which some of the graphic designers involved were connected. Under the leadership of Max Schmid for many years, the studio employed Roland Aeschlimann, Karl Gerstner, Jörg Hamburger, Steff Geissbühler, Andreas His, Toshihiro Katayama, and Nelly Rudin, among others. Freelance designers such as Michael Engelmann, Gottfried Honegger, Armin Hofmann, Herbert Leupin, Warja Lavater, Numa Rick, and Niklaus Stoecklin were also used. In the 1960s, the Basel office, most especially George Giusti and Fred Troller, was involved in developing the studios of the subsidiaries in the United States and the United Kingdom, placing more emphasis on advertising. This is the first comprehensive presentation of Geigy design, an important Swiss contribution to the international history of design, in all its determination and independence.

スイス バーゼルを拠点とした医療用メーカーであるGeigy社のパッケージや広告作品集。

J. R. Geigy AG 1940-1970
スイス バーゼルを拠点とした医療用会社。Max Schmidを中心として、Roland Aeschlimann, Karl Gerstner, Andreasなどが在籍する傍ら、Gottfried Honegger, Armin Hofmann, Herbert Leupin, Warja Lavater, Numa Rick, Niklaus Stoecklinもデザイナーとして起用。
60年代以降はGeorge GiustiとFred Trollerを中心として、スイスデザイン界を一気に押し上げ、宣伝部はHelveticaの開発まで影響力を持っていました。

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