TM SGM RSI 01/2000

[/wide] Swiss Typographic Monthly Magazine
Journal for Typographic Composition, Design, Communication, Printing and Production.
Published by the Printing and Paper Union Switzerland for the advancement of education in the profession.

cover design : Richard Paul Lohse

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The Zürich Design Museum (Museum Gestaltung) is showing a selection of the comprehensive, though little known, commercial art of Richard Paul Lohse in an exhibition from 27th November 1999 to 5th March 2000.

During his period of training in commercial art at the biggest advertising agency in Zürich, Max Dalang AG, Lohse studied at the Zürich School of Arts & Crafts (Kunstgewerbeschule) under Ernst Keller. His professional work in this field began in 1930, with clients such as the Gutenberg Book Guild of Switzerland, many industrial and commercial companies, the magazine Bauen+Wohnen and the housing association Züricher Wohnbedarf with its books and brochures.

He played a decisive part in the development of the typographic grid and the formation of Swiss graphics in the Fifties. His work for political, industrial and cultural clients gained many awards, confirming the important position occupied by Lohse in the field of modern functional graphics.

His work clearly shows the reciprocal influences of politics, design and daily life in Lohse’s career. His early work with the Max Dalang agency and his collaboration with the graphic artist and filmmaker Hans Trommer show the importance of the publishing companies among his clients.

The new graphics made its breakthrough in the industrial field, but Lohse’s work also took in politics and society, fine art and culture and included the graphic treatment of environmental and architectural themes, as illustrated mainly by his association with Bauen+Wohnen.

One of the central concerns is to interest graphic designers in Lohse’s work — not in a didactic sense but quite simply because Lohse’s graphic work has an appeal to the younger generation. Some of its keynotes are excessive pressure and the resulting spatial depth, seriality and modularity, reduction and the integration of photographic illustration and graphic area.

This special issue of TM is one of the series entitled “Pioneers of 20th Century Typography”.

The publishers of “Typografische Monatsblatter” thank the Richard Paul Lohse Foundation of Zürich and the publishers Hatje Cantz for permission to use their pictures, which recently appeared in Richard Paul Lohse: Konstruktive Gebrauchsgrafik, a book published by the Richard Paul LohseStiftung and edited by Christoph Bignens and Jérg Sttirzebecher, Ostfildern-Ruit: Hatje Cantz 1999. Picture copyright: ProLitteris Zürich.

Jean-Pierre Graber


1923年にはRSI誌がE.Guggiに氏により創刊。そして1933年、ベルンのスイスタイポグラフィ協会かTM(Typografische Monatsblatter)誌が創刊された。
尚、出版社はComedia社であり、1981年のRudolf Hostettler氏の没後からは、Jean Pierre Graberが編集を手掛けている。現在はLucius Hartmannの編集の下で季刊ベースで発行されている。

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