Sparkle and Spin: A Book About Words

[/wide] Hardcover: 40 pages
Publisher: Chronicle Books; 1st Chronicle Books Ed edition
Language: English
ISBN-10: 081185003X
ISBN-13: 978-0811850032
Product Dimensions: 25.8 x 21.9 x 1 cm
Release Date: 2006

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Through harmony and rhythm, resonance and pitch, Ann Rand inspires readers to listen to the tuneful play of her text as it sings off each page. Illustrated with graphic designer Paul Rand’s colorful, witty artwork, Sparkle and Spin is a children’s classic (now happily available again through Chronicle Books) that reveals to young readers the power and music in the words they use every day.
“Paul Rand did not set out to create classic children’s books, he simply wanted to make pictures that were playful. Like the alchemist of old, he transformed unlikely abstract forms into icons that inspired children and adultsand laid the foundation for two books that have indeed become children’s classics.”
Steven Heller, author of Paul Rand.

Ann Rand wrote five children’s books, four of which were illustrated by her husband.
In addition to the four children’s books he illustrated, Paul Rand wrote and co-authored several others, and designed some of the best-known corporate icons of his time, including the logos for ABC, IBM, and UPS.

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