Letterforms and Form #01

Letterforms as a means of investigation of the basic phenomena and dimensions of film

Elements of letterforms as used in the course are intended solely to serve the representation of the filmic function and its optical effects. The elements must not lead to additional interpretations. For this reason the letters, numbers, signs and words shown on pages 20-29 have been chosen to be free of any intrinsic meaning. The same applies to the form of the motifs, which also must not stand in the way of the intended filmic expression. This expression should first become apparent, through the method of filming, in the projection.

The (T) form (Time), appearing on the image and moving from right to left, crosses over an arrow moving from top to bottom (as a sign for a speed). in the course of this association the arrow form is cut
to a V-shape and the whole can be read as Unintentionally, a basic investigation of the elementary dimension of Speed has developed
into a logo-like sign.

This information is originated from the TM SGM RSI 02/1993 by Peter von Arx in part.
It’s strongly recommended that if you will read a TM SGM RSI 02/1993 thoroughly, you are able to understand with this information on a more than superficial level.





このコンテンツはTM SGM RSI 02/1993のPeter von Arxの記事を一部引用したものです。
次のことをお勧めします、もしあなたがTM SGM RSI 02/1993を熟読すると、このコンテンツを表面的なレベルより深く理解することができます。

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