Josef Müller-Brockmann Posters 1948–1981, c.1988

Paperback: 36 pages
Publisher: Pro Helvetia – Arts Council
Language: English
ISBN-10: –
ISBN-13: –
Product Dimensions: 21 x 21 x 0.3 cm
Release Date: 1988

Book design: Josef Müller-Brockmann

Uncommon. From the Poster Collection of the Museum für Gestaltung, Zürich, this nicely illustrated catalog (b/w, color) showcases 24 of some of Brockmann’s greatest posters (1 per page with poster information) including the value added, small b/w line drawing of the composition of the poster shown — for designers, this alone makes this catalog worthwhile. Text from Willy Rotzler, Ashley Havinden, Klaus F. Schmidt and Paul Rand.
the text originated from the display

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チューリッヒ造形美術館(Museum fur Gestaltung Zurich)の協力によりのヨゼフ ミューラー-ブロックマンの1948-1981年にわたるポスターをまとめたものです。各ポスターには非常に貴重なレイアウトプロセスを辿ることができる構成図がついています。

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