idea 115: Gotthschalk + Ash

Paperback 119 pages
Publisher: Seibundo Shinkosha
Language: Japanese / English
Product Dimensions: 29.4 x 22.4 cm
Release Date: 1972
Price: $100 USD (¥10,000 JPY)
Free Worldwide Shipment from Tokyo
Condition: acceptable to good (Pre-owned)

Cover Design: Gottschalk + Ash Ltd.

コンディション: 良い (背に経年によるイタミやヤケはありますが写真のとおり全概ね良い状態です)



Gottschalk + Ash by Midori Imatake
Francois Colos
5th Biennale of Graphic Design Brno 1972 by Hiroshi Ohchi
16 Pictorial Poems for Air France by Raymond Pages by Georges Martina
Liber Amicorum, steendrukkerij de Jong & Co
An Artist’s Progress, from Typographic design to Painting by Marcel Jacno
Art posters for the Munich Olympic Games by Contemporary Artists by Akiko Hyuga
Elements of idea “Shadow” Shigeo Fukuda
Group Exhibition “MUDA”
Graphic image ’72 by Shin’ichi Segi
Exhibition of the threesome, N. Yabuki, H. Yamashita and S. Arai
“Images of Chinese Characters” of Katsuichi Ito – Funny, funny ideograph
U. G. Sato: “My Theory of Evolution” Show
Netting Illustration of K. Aoki
Formative Arts by K. Matsumoto
Picturebook “MEN’S WORLD” by Hisaki Hiramatsu
Design fot T-shirts by T. Kamijo

Gotthschalk + Ash Design Studio
Fritz Gottschalk born in Zurich and Stuart Ash born in Ontalio established Gotthschalk + Ash Design Studio in 1966. They have offices in Montreal and Tronto. They designed CI, exhibition, posters and package. Since they are originated from sound thoughts and structures in Switzerland, they enjoy gaining high reliability from every clients.


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