Hans Neuburg: Moderne Werbe- und Gebrauchsgraphik

Hardcover: 130 pages
Publisher: otto maier
Language: German
ISBN-10: 3473621013
ISBN-13: 978-3473621019
Product Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm
Release Date: 1960
Price: sold

designer: Hans Neuburg

hans neuburg (1904-1983) is a pioneer of modern swiss graphic design. in the 1950s he was part of the editing team of the “neue grafik” magazine, together with richard paul lohse, josef müller-brockmann and carlo vivarelli.

this book is a tutorial for good (=”swiss”) graphic design and advertising. neuburg shows many examples of his own work, but also graphic designs by his (mostly swiss) colleagues. on the left page below there are book covers by nelly rudin who worked for müller-brockmann, …

text via wiedler.ch

neue grafik” マガジンの創刊メンバーの一人であるHans Neuburgによってスイスグラフィックやタイポグラフィを紹介した一冊で、デザインも自身によるものです。

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