Designing Books: Practice and Theory

Paperback: 144 pages
Publisher: Hyphen Press
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0907259235
ISBN-13: 978-0907259237
Product Dimensions: 17.3 x 1.5 x 25.7 cm
Release Date:  2003
Price: sold

Author: Robin Kinross and Jost Hochuli

Now available in paper, this newly revised and expanded classic in book design argues for a non-dogmatic approach, one open to both traditional and modern, and symmetrical and asymmetrical, solutions. A survey of Jost Hochuli’s own work as a book designer featuring pages from a career of over 30 years is shown, along with detailed comments by noted designer and critic Robin Kinross.
“Hochuli has achieved his standing without any fuss, programme or manifesto, by sheer talent and persistence. As a designer, his main concern is to work out individual solutions for individual books. This books is sure to help anyone who is seeking to develop a considered attitude towards the design and production of the book as a codex. The use of the individual’s own understanding is at the core of Hochuli’s practice and theory.” Fernand Baudin, Logos

Jost Hochuli has been working since 1959 as a freelance graphic designer. Although book design forms only a small part of his activity, he has become well known particularly through this work. If several of his commercial artwork pieces and typefaces cut in wood and linoleum are pictured in this volume, this is mainly for the reason that two seemingly irreconcilable design positions should be documented. These have come to an ultimate synthesis in this book. One reflects a traditional, middle-axis design position oriented towards a written archetype, the other a modern position that is derived from the so-called Swiss typography and thus ultimately from the Bauhaus. The three thematic blocks Commercial Graphic Design, Typefaces Cut in Wood and Linoleum and Books are accompanied by theoretical texts from Robin Kinross, Hans Peter Willberg and Jost Hochuli, while generously documented by numerous examples from Hochuli’s work.

“God creates brain not religion; use your brain” by Jost Hochuli typographer

TGGを率いるJost Hochuliがデザインした本をまとめたものです。
世界中のデザイナーから世界で一番美しい本をデザインすると言わしめるJost Hochuli氏ですが、日本での認知度が非常に低く、本当にデザインされた本を知るためには欠かせない一冊です。

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