An exhibition of COMME des GARÇONS for COMME des GARÇONS

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the exhibition catalogue with the exhibition DM

Viewers of this presentation should expect to be taken on a fantastic journey. Comme des Garçons is out of control in doing what they believe in and what they actually are.
The exhibition, which chronicles Comme des Garçons’ graphic
“messages” from the 70’s onward, is a re-construction of space that has no axis of time or genre, nor is in anyway connected with the clothes. Images once individually designed and printed as corporate advertisements, collection launch mailers, shop opening announcements, and the now legendary Six magazine, are now presented in diverse sizes and levels of strength. Such an approach to visual design is possible only in this era of sophisticated scanning and printing techniques.
Comme des Garçons lately has had a dazzling series of exhibitions for its employees only. The previous, a showcase of
“street fashion,” was a selection of archive and future collections, co-existing, and surpassing time and space.
Can corporate identity educational programs mature any further? It’s thrilling that Comme des Garçons’ creation is inherited to its successors. The current “messages” exhibition shows the company’s vision that values not only clothes-making but also the environment and cultural background in which the clothes are born. The array of collaborators, ranging from stars to up and coming contemporary artist, documents sympathy for the designer without border, Rei Kawakubo.
Kazuko Koike
Creative Director / Professor, Musashino Art University COMME des GARÇONS for COMME des GARÇONS

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