A lesson with A G Fronzoni

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English text: 77 pages
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graphic design and art direction by: Artiva Design

author: Ester Manitto
texts by: Enrico D.Bona, Marina Cinieri, Elena lia Fronzoni, Ester Manitto, Gabriele Oropallo, Claudio Silvestrin.
Photo by: Fabrizio Cicconi, Alessandro Fornili, Giuliano Grossi, Armin Linke, Stefano Malobbia.
curator: Mario Muda

For international order

コンディション: 新品(イタリアから納品されたシールド状態の新品ですが、目立つダメージはありませんが角に微細なつぶれがあるものもあります)。黒いカバーなので全てヴェラム紙でカバーされています。


This book is an act of gratitude from student to teacher and also an invitation
to others to contribute to the reconstruction of a story of human and professsional
experience of the highest value and of great current relevance.
Ester Manitto, re-working the materials,
notes and written work of her student career permits us to enter
the world of AG Fronzoni’s workshop school, founded in Milan
in 1982 and active until 2001.
The workshop school trained a multitude of young people from all walks of life and parts of the
world, directing them towards the practice of continual research
into the essence of form in life, nature, art, architecture and design,
and a respect for learning by doing.
A school of both craft and concept, directed at the training
and critical awareness of the individual, it set itself the difficult
educational objective of combining the startegies and techniques
of design with lifestyle choices. From these recollections there
emerges the generosity of a man of culture who, real teacher
that he was, devoted so much time and thought to his students,
spurring them on to experiment with the most varied aspects
of existence (food, music, theatre, travel), to know and meet
artists, intellectuals and craftsmen with new views on the world.
This book is not an anthology but a reasoned collection of notes accompanied
by a dialogue between Ester Manitto and the design historian Gabriele Oropallo,
by a memory from A G Fronzoni’s daughter Elena Lia, and from a text by
his former student, architect Claudio Silvestrin and with a careful literary support from
the architect and designer Enrico D. Bona.
It is enriched by the work of Fabrizio Cicconi, Alessandro Fornili, Giuliano Grossi, Armin Linke
and Stefano Malobbia who donated their photographic evidence.
Marina Cinieri pedagogist

本書はイタリアのグラフィックデザイナーであり、またプロダクトデザイナー、建築家でもあったミニマルデザイナーであるA G Fronzoniの学生であり、workshopではアシスタントを務めたEster ManittoによるFronzoniへの感謝と教育内容をまとめたものです。
A G Fronzoniに関する書籍は発行部数が少なく市場からなくなると入手困難となりますのでお早目のご注文お待ちしています。

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