Visible Language Volume VIII Number 3

Paperback: 95 pages
Publisher: MIT press
Language: English
ISBN-10: –
ISBN-13: –
Product Dimensions: 23.3 x 15.4 cm
Release Date:  1974
Price: $280 USD (¥30,800 JPY)
Free Worldwide Shipment from Tokyo
Condition: good (pre-owned)

cover design by Wolfgang Weingart

コンディション: 良い(背にヤケがありますが概ね良好です)


Concrete Poetry: A study in Metaphor
THe Renaissance of books
Word Recognition Latencies as a Function of Form Class
Lettering and Society
A Proposition for Education in Letterforms and Handwriting by Wim Crouwel
Research in Brief: Printed Intonation Cues and Reading in Children
Research in Brief: Orientation to the Spatial Characteristics of the open book
Abstract Article in German and French

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