TM SGM RSI 04/1997

[/wide] Swiss Typographic Monthly Magazine
Journal for Typographic Composition, Design, Communication, Printing and Production.
Published by the Printing and Paper Union Switzerland for the advancement of education in the profession.

cover design : unknown

If anyone has the exact name of Cover Designer, please fill out this form.


From 25th April to 18th June 1997, the Max Bill/Georges Vantongerloo Foundation (Founder Dr. Angela Thomas Bill) showed a selection of Max Bill’s typographical work in his former home and studio in Zumikon (Zurich). The exhibition was arranged during a sabbaticai by Gerd Fleischrnann, who teaches typography at the Bieletelcl Technical College and gave an initial overview of Bauhaus typography in 1984, in his book bauhaus. drucksachen, typografie, re/

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