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cover design : part of sign process for the Spalentor, a landmark of Basel by the student :Tom Ferraro, USA

School of Design Basel

Advanced Class for
Graphic Design

Technical instructor: Heinz Hiltbrunner was born on 8th March 1955 in Burgdorf. Professional studies as typographer and graphic artist and illustrator. Then spent four years as a manager in an advertising agency in Berne. 1983-1986, attended Armin Hofmann’s Visual Communications course at the School of Design. Basel. Received diploma as visual designer at the School of Design (HfG) in Basel with Wolfgang Weingart as tutor. Then spent one year in the USA as a freelance graphic designer. followed by four years as graphic designer With Pierre Mendell and Klaus Oberer in Munich. Since 1990 has his own graphic studio in Basel and for the past four years has taught Signs in the Advanced Class for Graphic Design at the School of Design. Basel, and has also been a typography teacher for the past five years on the Graphics course at the School of Design in Berne.

Armin Hofmann established the Advanced Class for Graphic Design in 1968. Since then, students from more than 35 nations have taken the course and, with their subsequent Work as designers and Design School teachers all over the World, they have contributed to the continuing interest Which this special form of post-diploma study enjoys.

The two-year full-time course is aimed at technical high school graduates who choose to reorientate or further develop their competence in graphic design in the subjects and Workshops of the Advanced Class, after an initial period of professional Work, or else immediately following their basic education. The optional subject of Signs is a permanent part of the programme. I have been teaching this subject since 1993 and show some of the results on the following pages.

A certain lack of orientation can be observed among students of both sexes in their first attempts to design a sign. On the one hand they lack the necessary basic design knowledge and, on the other hand, the concepts of the signs themselves and of how to design them are very different from one another. Design criteria for making a selection from one’s own rough sketches have to be developed and acquired.

From such experience I developed various exercises, some of which are documented at the begining of this report. These introductory exercises are carried out with paper and scissors, brush and ink, in black and White. At the next stage the students learn to develop their Work further with the use of a computer. After that, a sign to be used in more complex exercises is designed, with a free choice of theme. In lengthy processes, a systematic, organized method of design is learned, together with the development of observation and improvisation.

In addition to the theoretical and historical aspects of signs, the instruction covers the Whole process of production and the students can acquire additional knowledge by means of these practical questions. By Working in the school’s integrated workshops for phototypesetting, printing and binding under the guidance of specialist instructors, they learn to produce printing films and to operate and supervise the printing process.

Heinz Hiltbrunner 1955年生まれ

1986年よりSchool of Design Baselにて、Armin Hofmannのビジュアルコミュニケーションを履修し、Wolfgang Weingartの指導のもと卒業に至る。

1968年、Armin Hofmannによりグラフィック上位クラスが設立され以来、35を超える国から学生が集まっています。今号である02/1997では、Armin Hofmannの考えたカリキュラムをベースとしたクラスでのサイン設計課題の学生作品が掲載されています。掲載されている学生の国籍は、日本、台湾、ドイツ、アメリカが1~2人対して、特にメキシコ4~5人と多く目立ちます。


1923年にはRSI誌がE.Guggiに氏により創刊。そして1933年、ベルンのスイスタイポグラフィ協会かTM(Typografische Monatsblatter)誌が創刊された。
尚、出版社はComedia社であり、1981年のRudolf Hostettler氏の没後からは、Jean Pierre Graberが編集を手掛けている。現在はLucius Hartmannの編集の下で季刊ベースで発行されている。

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