Plane #01-2


If we now place the same black elements, which we previously arranged in the centre, in the outer extremities of the plane, then something fundamentally new emerges.
In place of the surrounding plane tension within the plane now takes over and emerges between the spaced elements. The large edged white plane becomes ploughed through with this tension and the white area is activated up to its extremities, In the reproduced birth announcement of the this knowledge is put to use. In spite of the restrained design the white plane is brought into play through the opposing relationship of three lines placed against its edges.
The design radiates from restrained tension.





The breaking up the plane

We will cover a white square with an even grid of square of the same size. The plane is chopped up, the dominants, the core structure, are missing in the white as well as in the black. Any sort go structure is missing in this rigid shape, the plane is obscured and absorbed.

Helmut Schmid has wonderfully restructured the article in the idea 351 based on the article to be published in the March 1957 issue of “Typografische Monatsblatter” by Emil Ruder. So, we highly recommended that to be read the idea 351 thoroughly. And then you can get a deep understanding of this article.




このコンテンツはTypografische Monatsblatterの1957 3月号に掲載されたEmil Ruder氏の寄稿記事をHelmut Schmid氏が40年以上の歳月を要し、idea 351の中で編集、デザイン、紹介されたものを一部引用したものです。
次のことをお勧めします、もしあなたがidea 351を熟読すると、このコンテンツを表面的なレベルより深く理解することができます。

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