Max Bill

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Author: Eduard Huttinger

コンディション: 良い(カバーや見返し等にしみがあります。本書は比較的に汚れがつきやすいカバー紙質なので古書としてみた場合は良好と判断していますので写真よりご確認ください)


These are three-dimensional sculpture and works of Max Bill, which opened up the art style in a systematic and logical. It’s recorded about 150 works by the 1970s from the initial. In addition, the text by Max Bill, Chronology (file photo with), commentary, Exhibitions, etc.. “fifteen variation on a single theme” are including as legendary experimental works.

Max Bill

max bill is rightly regarded as the founder of a systematic and logical school of art within the category he designates as concrete art. he studied at the bauhaus in dessau before he was ‘twenty, and at twenty-four he was a member of the legendary parisian group abstraction-creation. today his works are to be found in over fifty public collections and museums in europe, north and south america and japan. of his over 130 one-man exhibitions, a third have taken place in Switzerland, the others in the rest of europe and overseas. many of them have been general exhibitions of his oeuvre.
max bill was a founder and first rector of the hochschule fi’lr gestaltung (graduate school of design) in ulm. from 1967 to 1974 he was professor of environmental design at the state institute of fine arts (staatliche hochschule fiir bildende ki’mste) in hamburg.
his many distinctions include the 1949 kandinsky prize, the international grand prix for sculpture at the biennale of sao paulo in 1951 and the art prize of the city of zurich in 1968. max bill is an honorary fellow of the american institute of architects, member of the academy of arts in berlin, and nonresident member of the academy of sciences, literature and the fine arts, honorary advisor of the international association of art, iaa (unesco).
his public service record includes eight years on the communal council of zurich, eight years on the swiss federal art commission and four years as a member of the swiss national council.
this monograph ist the first comprehensive survey of the work of max bill from its beginnings to the present.

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ロジカルでシステマチックな芸術スタイルを切り開いたマックス・ビルの絵画と立体作品集です。初期から1970年代までの作品約150点を収録しています。(図版は約半数がカラー)他に、マックス・ビルによるテキスト、年譜(資料写真付)、解説、展覧会歴、作品リスト等。タイポグラフィーやプロダクトとは違った芸術家としてのビルの側面を発見することができます。fifteen variation on a single theme「一つのテーマに対する15のバリエーション」(1935-1938年)も収録しています。ドイツ語版でもかなり希少ですが、こちらはさらに希少な英語版です。

Max BIll
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