Max Bill: Robert Maillart

Paperback: 180 pages
Publisher: verlag für architektur ag
Language: German French English
Product Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm
Release Date: 1949
Price: sold

design and editing: Max Bill

robert maillart (1842-1940) is one of the great engineers of all time, famous for his elegant bridge constructions. this poet of reinforced concrete was born in bern, and some of his most beautiful bridges were built in switzerland. nine years after his death, this wonderful little book about his work was compiled by the swiss artist, designer and architect, max bill (1908-1994).
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1949年の初版のもので図版など多数収録されていますが、なんといってもMax Billによるレイアウト、タイポグラフィのスタイルが完全に確立されているものでFORMと並ぶ貴重な一冊となります。

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