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Release Date: 2013

BORN IN LEIPZIG, Germany in the early twentieth century, a period that brought rapid ideological change both to individual lives and to society as a whole,]an Tschichold (1902—74) pursued an efficient typography suited to the dynamic communication of the machine age, that is, the theory and practice of New Typography. Eventually, however, he rejected this approach and came to espouse the value of traditional typography.

Tschichold moved to England after the war and took on the enormous task of improving the typography and design of Penguin Books. The changes made under his direction raised the overall level of book design in England and showed the entire world the importance of typography in books.

This exhibition brings together roughly 350 posters, books, type specimens, newspapers and magazines, sketches, and writings from the collections of Martijn F. Le Coultre of the Netherlands, Georg Kühle of Germany, Yoshihisa Shirai, George Sugishita, Yuuki Nagano, and Sho Watanabe. This exhibition is the first in Japan to show the full breadth of the work of this giant figure in twentieth-century typography.

We are deeply grateful for the unsrinting efforts of Martijn F. Le Coultre, Who served as (Lo-adviser; Yoshihisa Shirai, who served as adviser and was responsible for design; Taro Yamamoto and Christopher Burke, who wrote the forewords for the catalog; and the many others whose contributions made this exhibition possible.

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