Experiment #02

Frans Lieshout (Total Design)
Typography as Visual Experience

In his work Frans Lieshout shows a strong interest in the typographical approach not limited by traditional ordering principles for text and images.

Individual letters and punctuation marks,
words, sentences and blocks of type he treats as illustrative components in a vivid and imaginative composition. Not with the purpose to comment but rather to confirm or enhance.

Within the broad scope of his visual experiment he aims to create a surplus to the information, triggering the attention of the public and holding it.

The result is always a very original image that gives an interesting and intriguing new meaning to present-day functionalism.

Lieshout expresses himself as follows on the subject of his typography: “My layouts have a distinctly illustrative character. For me, typography is not only a means of arranging text so as to make its messages as clear as possible, but also a means of strengthening the message or making the text visually attractive. In this way the printed matter becomes more accessible to the reader and at the same time more open to experimentation.”

Frans Lieshout02

amsterdam_06_inline image_optimised217.05.2011
Frans Lieshout and Wim Verboven
iamge via unit editions

This information is originated from the Basic Typography: Design With Letters.by Ruedi Rüegg in part.
It’s strongly recommended that if you will read a Basic Typography: Design With Letters. thoroughly, you are able to understand with this information on a more than superficial level.

Total DesignのFrans Lieshoutは、これまでのタイポグラフィのルール制限を感じさせてないアプローチで数々の作品を表現しました。



このコンテンツはRuedi Rüegg著によるBasic Typography: Design With Letters.から一部引用したものです。
次のことをお勧めします、もしあなたがBasic Typography: Design With Letters.を熟読すると、このコンテンツを表面的なレベルより深く理解することができます。

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