Cognition #01

Remembering a figure

We will preface all considerations of sign production by a very simple test of pure memory. As the object of the exercise We choose dice, with the six images that must have created a pictorial impression in the mind of every reader. The intensity of the impression of the figure shown and the strength of feeling that it releases will vary from one person to another, depending on their experience in encountering the signs: superficially as children or deeply as gamblers.

There are six figures that are familiar to the dice player, who need neither “decode” nor count them. Recognition is spontaneous because they conform to a known pattern, a learned and experienced scheme of thought. A simple displacement of the dots to unaccustomed positions causes involuntary frustration to the viewer.



The displaced dot of the figure one (A) immediately creates uneasiness. The feeling of the idea of “center” (security, stasis) is anchored in the feeling of symmetry.
All symmetrical arrangements are closer to the structure of our body and therefore more accessible, easier to understand, in contrast with asymmetry, which needs rather to be grasped by the mind. The displaced dot also raises the doubt as to whether it is not perhaps one half of the familiar figure two.

An alienating figure two (B) is far removed from the customary diagonal arrangement, which divides the face of the dice into two equal parts. Here the dots are not “fixed” but suspended. The association with eyes in a face is not to be ruled out.

This information is originated from the Signs and Symbols by Adrian Frutiger in part.
It’s strongly recommended that if you will read a Signs and Symbols by Adrian Frutiger thoroughly, you are able to understand with this information on a more than superficial level.





このコンテンツはSigns and Symbols by Adrian Frutigerから一部引用したものです。
次のことをお勧めします、もしあなたがSigns and Symbols by Adrian Frutigerを熟読すると、このコンテンツを表面的なレベルより深く理解することができます。

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