Arts & Architecture 06/1946

[/wide] Paperback: – pages
Publisher: TASCHEN America Llc; Box Set Limited edition
Language: English
ISBN-10: 3822826782
ISBN-13: 978-3822826782
Product Dimensions: 93.3 x 38.7 x 41.3 cm
Release Date: 2008

cover art : Herbert Matter

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Arts & Architecture had such enormous influence on the designed architecture after the war. In 1945, the postwar booming economy had resulted in the huge supply of housing in the United States. John Entenza has collaborated closely with Richard Joseph Neutra, Charles & Ray Eames, Pierre Koenig and Eero Saarinen to report the Low-cost housing experiment on the Arts & Architecture for coming the housing and design boom. It called the Case Study House that has been built in the center of the west coast.

Arts & Architecture magazine is also relationship with many creators and the cover design has been created by Herbert Matter, Paul Rand, Saul Bass, Alvin Lusting, George Tscherny were educated at the Bauhaus. They are a designer who has been a pioneer of American graphic.

This is the first part of facsimile edition of groundbreaking magazine, which launched the Case Study House Program in ten boxes, each containing one year’s worth of magazines with important materials, such as advertising at the time.

戦後のデザイン・建築の中で、とりわけArts & Architectureの意味は大きい。
1945年、戦後の好景気はアメリカに住宅の供給をもたらしていた。John Entenzaは来るべき住宅ブームおよびデザインブームに向けてArts & Architectureを発行し、Richard Joseph Neutra、Charles & Ray Eames、Pierre Koenig、Eero Saarinenら建築家と協力し合い誌上を使ってローコスト実験住宅をレポートしていった。この実験住宅はケース・スタディ・ハウスと呼ばれ西海岸を中心に建てられた。

またArts & Architectureは多くのクリエイターと関わりを持った雑誌でもあり、
表紙のデザインにバウハウスで教育を受けたHerbert Matterに、Paul Rand、Saul Bass、Alvin Lusting、George Tschernyなどアメリカのグラフィックを牽引していたデザイナーが含まれている。


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